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Nothing Like Feeling at Home

Last night I finished a big pot of soup that I had made for the entire week.  It’s my favorite soup that my dad made while growing up, and I’ve been making it ever since I had to cook for myself (starting in college).  Who knows if Dad would approve, but here are the ingredients:

oxtail (if the store has it)
beef cubes
onions (forgot this time, tho)

So simple but so soothing to the soul.  I always feel better after having some.

A big part of the reason I love soup so much is probably because my dad is Cantonese, and the Cantonese tradition is to have soup (and a whole fish) at dinner.  So, every night, along with all the different entrees at the center of the table, we would have a bowl of rice and a tiny clear bowl of delicious soup next to it.  We’d start with the soup first, before digging into the dishes, and, oftentimes, we’d each go for seconds or even thirds.

Tom Yum Goong (almost done) & Drunken Noodles

This tradition has somewhat carried over to my meals at my own home in NYC.  Whenever I need to order takeout, I always order soup with it.  In most cases, it’s Tom Yum Goong since I’m usually ordering Thai food.  It was no different tonight.  I’m glad I thought to take a photo before I finished it because it was going down fast, even though it wasn’t the best I’ve had in terms of all the Tom Yum’s I’ve had and in general.

My friend made a funny, but possibly true, comment the other night: “Just watch, after trying all 50, you’re still going to think yours is the best.”  We will have to see, but there really is nothing like feeling at home…


I Need to Get into the Olympic Spirit. I Need to Slurp Faster

I don’t know what I was thinking this whole time.  One year to complete this soup adventure seemed like more than enough time.  But then I realized I was bored with my blog…because I had nothing to write about…because I wasn’t trying soup often enough.  It must get boring for my (non)readers*, too, because they have to wait ages before I have anything new.

Then, during our long wait at Minetta Tavern, T reminded me that there are only 52 weeks in a year.  That means I need to be trying a new place on the list once a week.  That means I’m already behind.  SH*T, it’s time to start slurping faster…

*I’m not kidding myself.  I know no one reads this.  And I have WordPress to remind me of this because they show the stats.  It’s ok – I shall persevere.  This will be a fine, fine story to tell the grandkids one day…to help get them to sleep.

About My Journey

New York Magazine recently featured “The Hot List: 50 of the city’s tastiest soups” in their recent December 13, 2009 issue.  Read more here:

Most people don’t know this about me, but brothy soups (whether with or without noodles/rice, etc.) are my absolute favorite thing to eat.  Out of all brothy soups, I would say Asian styles are my fave, but, when I saw this feature, I thought that I just had to attempt to try all 50.  I’ve read through the article, and I already know that some may not appeal to my taste buds (or my sensitive, lactose-intolerant, garlic-allergic stomach), but I think it’s my duty to please my booty (via the tummy!  ;o)).

I’ve also already been to some of these places (i.e. Momofuku), but perhaps I’ll go there again just for purposes of this adventure and take photos*.

So, here I go, on a hopefully mostly tasty soup journey.

*the 1st two will be missing photos since I didn’t think about anything but eating at the time.