25 of 50 “Tastiest” Soups in NYC – The Spotted Pig’s Smoked Haddock Chowder: A Health Code Violation?

MY TASTEFUL OPINION:   This has to violate some health code.

I usually give second, third, maybe fourth chances.  But I’m done with The Spotted Pig.  I’d been to the restaurant before and knew that there was always a long wait.  So, back in March, I made sure to call to see if they were still serving the Tomato Soup before actually going there.  Luckily I did that because I was told that it was a winter item and to try again then.

Seven months later – my longest wait yet – I decided to try again with TSH.  Sure, it was October 19, which was technically still fall, but it definitely felt like winter.  Instead of calling this time, I had looked at their online menu first, and the Tomato Soup was listed.  Too bad the menu I received upon being seated was completely different.  Smoked Haddock Chowder?  Where’s the Tomato Soup!?!?  The waitress said that they had JUST taken it off the menu.  Sooooo, what you’re telling me is that you told me it’s a winter item, but you most definitely served it during the fall.  And when I decided to go there, you took it off the menu.  Grreeeat…


The Spotted Pig's Smoked Haddock Chowder

Since I had lost my patience at this point, and vowed to never waste my time there again, I decided to order the chowder ($15) which would replace the Tomato Soup as the halfway point of this journey.  The only fireworks that I got for this pivotal moment was from the spicy kick in my mouth at the end of each spoonful.  I felt like a doctor should’ve been waiting next to me since

Homemade Crackers

all of the milk, cream, oil and salt became unbearable after a few bites.  Chewing some of the homemade airy crackers on the side of the bowl provided some welcome relief, and they were probably the only thing I wanted to take home and snack on while watching a good movie.

But, if you like creamy and chunky, then you might like this.  Small diced potatoes nearly covered the bowl, while celery, carrots, ham and fresh parsley accompanied them.  Be forewarned – if you’re going to try this, make sure you’re health is in peak condition.

At $15 a bowl, I tried very hard to finish it, but I couldn’t.  My body yelled at me to stop, even though I had half left.  I didn’t get my $7.50 back, but I got halfway through my soup list…

The Spotted Pig
314 W. 11th Street (at Greenwich St.)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 620-0393


Over $10 – These soups should have a gold leaf in them.

$6 to $10 – You’re not shellin’ out the gold, but also not gettin’ super lucky.

Under $6 – It’s your lucky day!


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My latest adventure: trying all 50 of what New York Magazine dubbed the "Tastiest" Soups in the city in 2009. Read all about it here. View all posts by Tynee

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