Off the Beaten Path: Nobu Los Angeles Saves the Best for Last

Money can’t buy you love, but it sure can buy you mouth-watering food.  The Man and I were lucky enough to enjoy a 5-star meal at Nobu Los Angeles last Friday.  But, even though my generous brother gave us a $150 gift card, happiness came at a hefty price, and the Man still forked over a lot of money.

We ordered the “high-end” 7-course omakase that promised “better” ingredients.  Without a point of comparison, I can’t say if it was really worth more than its cheaper 7-course omakase.  Would I want the Man to pay for it again, even though we loved it?  Not unless we (and by “we” I mean “he”) had money to spare.  I feel seriously lucky to have been able to try it once.

The service was impeccable.  The wait staff knew what they were doing.  Even with a good number of them roaming around, they left you alone while still managing to keep your drinks refilled and clearing the table at the right times.  Our main waitress even offered some Iron Chef action with our omakase – for some courses, the Man and I were treated to dishes containing the same (or similar) main ingredient, but the ingredient was prepared differently.  Sure, almost every dish wowed me, but the best was saved for last.  The soup.  It was the best not because it was anything unique.  It was the best because it was just what we needed after six very filling courses.  Nobu served the brothy soup (one clear, one a spicy seafood) as a digestif.  I instantly felt less sick and bloated once I drank some.  I left the fresh-looking vegetables in the soup alone since my stomach couldn’t take anymore solids, and Nobu should consider leaving it out entirely.  But, that aside, this is what I’m talkin’ about.  Soup is great for any occasion, at any time.

If you’ve never been to Nobu, and you have some cash available, definitely go check it out.  For now, I hope you can get a taste from the photos below.

Nobu Sushi Bar


Deep Fried Hot Peppers and Edamame Starter

"Palate Opener" - Rock Shrimp w/Kumquat Vinaigrette

1st Course - Toro Tartare in Wasabi Soy Sauce, Mini Oyster, Kimomo (Japanese Peach, "palate cleanser," awesomeness)

2nd Course - Array of Yumminess (I forget what each thing was)

Close-Up - biting into the head reminded me of Bubblicious Bursts gum. Was the brain squishing into my mouth?


Close-Up - Our Fave of the Four


Disposable Chopsticks - weird to have disposable ones at a high-end restaurant, but I suppose it's more sanitary

Sake in Bamboo

3rd Course - Salad with Uni, Orange Clam, Mussel, Tuna Tataki, Watermelon Radish

4th Course - (v1, Left) Sea Bass w/Truffle Panko Crust & Wild Mushrooms w/Yuzu Butter - Our fave of the two; (v2, Right) Tazmanian Ocean Trout w/Cactus Salsa

5th Course - (v1, Left) Wagyu Beef w/Spicy Miso & Super Baby Eggplant - My Fave; (v2, Right) Wagyu Beef w/Smokey Miso & Onions - The Man's Fave

6th Course - Toro, Japanese Red Snapper w/Shiso Leaf, Japanese Mackerel w/Kelp, Jumbo Clam, Sea Water Eel, Egg (that looks like Challah bread)

7th Course - (v1, Left) Clear Broth - my preference; (v2, Right) Spicy Seafood Broth - All. Look. Same. Until you dig inside.

Complimentary Dessert 1 - Green Tea Mousse with Red Bean

Complimentary Dessert 2 - Flourless Chocolate Cake w/Green Tea Ice Cream

Nobu Los Angeles
903 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069


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