8 of 50 “Tastiest” Soups in NYC – K.I.S.S. Gahm Mi Oak’s Sol Long Tang

MY TASTEFUL OPINION:  Feeling down?  Down some of this.

Gahm Mi Oak’s Sol Long Tang deserves a kiss because it’s always there for you when you’re sick.  It’s like a big fat hug in a bowl.  I would say it’s the Korean equivalent of chicken noodle soup, and, from what I’ve seen, it (k)eeps (i)t (s)uper (s)imple with just ox bone, water, beef brisket, rice and rice noodles (maybe there’s garlic from what I read online).  This is exactly what C needed for lunch last Friday after she’d been coughing up a storm.

Just as St. Patrick’s Day tradition has changed from being a religious occasion with pubs closed to a beer fest with drunken outbursts on the street, I ended up breaking two of my own traditions on this recent trip to Gahm Mi Oak:  I didn’t order the Sol Long Tang, even though I always order it, and that means I also didn’t have the actual soup right before writing this blog entry.  My fond memories will get me through this.

Gahm Mi Oak's Sol Long Tang

A stone bowl is served, filled with a substantial amount of the ingredients above (minus the actual bones).  It looks like it’s going to be bland, and it is…until you add the sea salt and

Sea Salt

chopped scallions (oops, forgot photo) that you’ll find in separate containers at your table.  It’s a D.I.Y project, and I keep adding and tasting to this solid foundation until it’s my own masterpiece.

A lot of bloggers describe the taste as “mineraly,” but that’s never come to mind when I’ve had it.  All I think when I’m shoveling spoonfuls into my mouth is, “Mmm, I love rice.  Mmm, I love broth.  Mmm, this makes me feel better.”  I’m pretty sure that’s what C was thinking the other day.

If I could make Gahm Mi Oak’s Sol Long Tang whenever I’m not feeling well, I would.  Usually when I’m really sick and can only eat bland foods, I either make myself some brothy soup (homemade or canned) or a big pot of rice porridge (rice and water only).  The Sol Long Tang is, thus, the best of both worlds for me.  But

spending 12-15 hours boiling the ox bone first just doesn’t seem likely, so spending $9.97 to buy a big bowl is well worth it.  I think a lot of the St. Patty’s Day fanatics are going to need some of it later today…

Gahm Mi Oak's Famous Kimchee

PS – Gahm Mi Oak also happens to make the best kimchee.  They include chunks of crunchy, pickled daikon radish, which I LOVE.  Had to mention it.

Gahm Mi Oak
43 W. 32nd Street
New York, NY


Over $10 – These soups should have a gold leaf in them.

$6 to $10 – You’re not shellin’ out the gold, but also not gettin’ super lucky.

Under $6 – It’s your lucky day!


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