Off the Beaten Path: Maze at The London’s Cauliflower Soup

MY TASTEFUL OPINION:  You’re paying for the Gordon Ramsay name, not the soup.

Sometimes you have to go off the beaten path to experience new things and possibly end up where you’re meant to be.  I’ve decided to add this new “series” because, as you can guess, I’m always trying new soups.  There’s no reason to limit my blog to New York magazine’s tastes.  Who knows, I may discover something that’s better than their 50.

So far, I’m not off to a great start.  I met a vendor for lunch today at Maze at The London – Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant.  I’ve been there many times since it’s so close to my office, but I’ve never had the Cauliflower Soup ($14).  Since my vendor was treating, I decided to indulge a little and ordered the soup to start. 🙂

Maze at the London's Cauliflower Soup

A few minutes later, the waiter placed a shallow white bowl in front of me with a spoonful of smoked trout and caviar.  Completely perplexed, I thought it was a weird amuse bouche…until he presented a small carafe of milky substance – the soup – and poured it into the bowl.

It made for a pretty picture, but that’s really all it was.  I took a bit of smoked trout, a bit of caviar, and a bit of soup and thought, “Give me back my money!”  Then I remembered it was my vendor’s treat and felt relieved for myself but bad for her.  At $14, this soup better have some miracle drug in it because, otherwise, it just wasn’t worth it.  Or give me a whole pot of it.  You’re probably paying for the Gordon Ramsay name, and the “labor” that goes into bringing out the bowl and pouring the contents in separately…oh, and to see Philip Seymour Hoffman there.  Cut all the fancy flourishes, and bring me the soup for half the cost.

I am glad I finally tried it, though.  I probably would’ve regretted it had I not ordered it, especially because I don’t generally care to spend that much on a soup, and I would’ve kept wondering, “What if that’s a mind-blowing soup?!”  So I have to thank my vendor for giving me this opportunity.  Sometimes life presents you with opportunities, and you just have to seize the moment. 😉

This particular entry is dedicated to one of my best friends, C, who finally got herself to test the waters on a different path – one that could potentially lead to a successful and satisfying new career.  I’m extremely proud of her and can’t wait to travel with her down many more large highways and interesting side roads.


Over $10 – These soups should have a gold leaf in them.

$6 to $10 – You’re not shellin’ out the gold, but also not gettin’ super lucky.

Under $6 – It’s your lucky day!


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