About My Journey

New York Magazine recently featured “The Hot List: 50 of the city’s tastiest soups” in their recent December 13, 2009 issue.  Read more here: http://nymag.com/restaurants/features/62665/.

Most people don’t know this about me, but brothy soups (whether with or without noodles/rice, etc.) are my absolute favorite thing to eat.  Out of all brothy soups, I would say Asian styles are my fave, but, when I saw this feature, I thought that I just had to attempt to try all 50.  I’ve read through the article, and I already know that some may not appeal to my taste buds (or my sensitive, lactose-intolerant, garlic-allergic stomach), but I think it’s my duty to please my booty (via the tummy!  ;o)).

I’ve also already been to some of these places (i.e. Momofuku), but perhaps I’ll go there again just for purposes of this adventure and take photos*.

So, here I go, on a hopefully mostly tasty soup journey.

*the 1st two will be missing photos since I didn’t think about anything but eating at the time.


About Tynee

My latest adventure: trying all 50 of what New York Magazine dubbed the "Tastiest" Soups in the city in 2009. Read all about it here. View all posts by Tynee

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